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IT Skills



[OrCAD] OrCAD/PSpice college 1 year
[LabVIEW] LabVIEW college and thesis 4 months
[MATLAB/Simulink] MATLAB/Simulink college (labs) 1 year
[EAGLE] EAGLE internship 3 months
[KiCAD] KiCAD private 6 months
[LibreCAD] LibreCAD private 1 month
[Git] Git private since 2008
[gnuplot] gnuplot private 1 year
[LaTeX] LaTeX private since 2008

Programming Languages

[C] C/C++ college (classes, labs) and internship 1.5 years
[assembler] Assembler (M68HC12) college (classes, lab) 6 months
[S7] Siemens SIMATIC S7 high-school and college 1 year
[ispLEVER] ispLEVER college (lab) 6 months
[#!] Linux shell scripts private since 2006

Operating Systems

[GNU/Linux] GNU/Linux (Ubuntu and Debian) desktop, servers since 2006
[MS Windows] Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS got it with my first PC since 1999

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