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Get Pics T610

I wrote this simple script to make it easy for me to download all images from my Sony Ericsson T610 cellphone via Bluetooth. The only thing you need to know in order to download the pictures is your mobile's Bluetooth MAC address.
To prevent just anyone to access your mobile's storage via Bluetooth, it will display a four digit numeric code during the connection attempt. You then need to supply this code to the script, so it can establish a connection and download the pictures to the current folder.

$ ./get_pics_t610.sh <device MAC>

Manual Commands
$ obexftp -b 00:0F:01:AB:CD:FF -l "Pictures"
  ... determine file names ...
$ obexftp -b 00:0F:01:AB:CD:FF -g "Pictures/foobar1.jpg"
$ obexftp -b 00:0F:01:AB:CD:FF -g "Pictures/foobar2.jpg"



BASH script; Linux; Sony Ericsson T610; Bluetooth.