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I use this website as an extension to my CV and to share some of my works.

Technical Background

Template. This website is based on a WikkaWiki template called nĭtens by Dario Taraborelli which he wrote and uses for his own site. He allows others to use the stylesheet of his template as is and released his site's content under a CC-BY-SA license. To indicate the source of this website's template, I set a backlink to his website in the bottom right corner of every page.
Engine. Instead of a template engine like WikkaWiki I decided to use static HTML with some PHP-includes for the unchanging repetitive content (i.e. HTML-header, menu, footer, and so on) to reduce the work load when editing the source by hand. By only using simple PHP-includes I want to avoid all problems / potential security risks that come with PHP and keep things simple.
The central enemy of reliability is complexity.
Geer et al.


This is how you can get in touch with me.