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Schematic for quadrocopter mainboard with KiCAD

[power]     [MCU]     [sensors]    

[IMU]     [connections]     [user interface]    

This is the complete schematic for the mainboard of a quadrotor called QuadroFly. The schematics and the final PCB are done with KiCAD.
The schematic is subdivided into six sheets that separate the main areas from each other to keep the schematic easy to read. These six areas are as follows:
  1. Power
  2. MCU
  3. Sensors (battery and air pressure)
  4. 6-DOF IMU (3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer)
  5. Connectivity
  6. User interface

In order to view the schematic on you computer, you have to copy the files quadrofly.lib and SparkFun.lib to the directory /usr/share/kicad/library/.
The servo current is not going through the mainboard to reduce EMI related problems concerning the sensors. Instead the servos are supplied with power from the speed control. However, in case the speed controlers used don't allow this, the servos can be supplied with power from the mainboard. For more details regarding the electric setup, please have a look at the comments in the schematic.



GPL v2


KiCAD; schematic; QuadroFly; quadrocopter.