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Matthias Kolja Miehl

[inter-cultural training]
Second Cross-Cultural Training (me: 1st from the right)
I am an electrical engineer from Dortmund and interested in electronics, embedded systems, programming, GNU/Linux, and psychology.

Have a look at my CV or thesis for more information (i.a. IT skills and practical skills).

Currently, I work as an embedded systems programmer at SOREL where I perform a mix of maintenance and development programming for solar thermal controls.

This is how you can get in touch with me.

Selected recent projects:

  • 8-Kanal Sensor für den Multiplex Sensor Bus (MSB), private, 2012. page
  • Auswertungssoftware für psychologische Fragebögen, Praxis für Hör- und Psychotherapie, 2011. page
  • Meditation — Einfache Übungen für mehr Gelassenheit im Alltag, JobCenter Mölln, 2011. page pdf
  • Schematic for quadrocopter mainboard with KiCAD, QuadroFly, 2009. page tar.gz
  • Embedded Webserver Solution and PC Control Software, FaliTec, 2009. page
  • Live visualization of quadrocopter telemetry with gnuplot, QuadroFly, 2009. page tar.gz
  • Mathe 2&3 Formelsammlungen — Stochastik, Logik, Gew. Dgl'en, Matrizen, ET Studium, 2008. page tar.gz
  • Linux BASH-scripting, private, since 2006. page
Sensor für den Multiplex Sensor Bus
[MSB sensor PCB layout]
Quadrotor Mainboard Schematic
[quadrotor schematic]
Live Visualization of Aircraft Orientation
[vector visu]
Mathe 2&3 Formelsammlungen
[Ma23 FS]