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CIS — Computer Info Script

[example output]
Gather all important system information of a Linux installation, including headers for encrypted disks, for backup or support purposes. All files are packed in a tar.gz-archive called something like 20120704-17.43UTC_sol_info, where sol is the hostname.

The archived information comprises:

The script expects the following arguments: ./ MBR[1|0] LUKS[1|0] TC[0|1]
Therefore, one valid call would be ./ mbr1 luks1 tc0

These arguments tell the script that information about the MBR and LUKS drives should be gathered, but not about truecrypt volumes. These are the default settings.
Note: It should be executed with root privileges to make sure it can access all necessary files and resources.

The respective output can be seen on the image above. Since the script is from 2008, it expects to find a /boot/grub/menu.lst and /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Both files no longer exist on my system, causing the script to exit with a generic error code.



BASH script; Linux; backup; system information.